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Artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming increasingly entrenched in modern society. While robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are often confused, they are two distinct fields. Robotics is a technology division that deals with physical robots. Robots are programmable devices that can carry out a complex set of tasks on their own (assembly line) Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer science subfield. It entails the development of computer programmes to perform tasks that would otherwise necessitate human intelligence (voice recognition, predictive recommendations, smart devices, etc.) Significant advances are improving efficiency and lowering costs across a wide range of industries – and significantly altering how we do business, work, and connect. AI Driven Thematic Portfolios invests in businesses that provide AI and/or robotics-powered products and services.

Applications of AI

As data processing and implementation have become increasingly automated, the growing adoption of AI across multiple sectors has arisen out of necessity.

Many companies have discovered that they must innovate as productivity gains have become more significant, partially due to the slower global economic recovery than in previous recoveries. These industries have been using AI to eke out modest growth or efficiency in order to boost profits. These industries have been adopting AI technology to eke out incremental growth or productivity to accelerate earnings.

The new tech-centric platform disruptors are having an effect on sectors such as retail, media, financial services, and transportation. These disruptors, we believe, are now effective because they are establishing service-oriented, data-rich relationships with their customers, mostly through deft integration with today’s market gateway companies. Non-tech companies are responding by increasing their IT spending on AI, cloud computing, customer relationship management (CRM), and other emerging technologies.

We believe that software applications and smart devices in all industries will likely have some kind of embedded AI in the near future. Without a doubt, AI’s rapid growth, aided by a massive base of always-connected customers, high-speed internet connectivity, and evolving global cloud-computing infrastructure, is ushering in a disruptive technological revolution that is affecting every aspect of the global economy. As computer and deep-learning become more popular, businesses will likely have to keep up or risk being left behind.

Outlook for Artificial Intelligence and AI ETFs

Artificial intelligence (AI) is only in its early stages, but it has a bright future ahead of it, making it a compelling investment opportunity. 1 Interactive, voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, autonomous vehicles, and suggested search ideas in search engines like Google are all examples of AI’s roots in today’s technology. 

However, future artificial intelligence will be machines that can learn, assign value to new experiences, and grow smarter and more conscious in the same way that humans do. This will almost certainly be the digital age’s next step. Tomorrow’s computers will be able to solve problems and discover solutions for diseases, rendering today’s technology redundant and allowing the AI sub-sector of technology to expand further.

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