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LVC Australian Platform

Choose from our range of investment products. Consider the potential to grow your wealth in long term or gain exposure to specific markets. The products that we offer:

  • Ordinary shares – Most shares traded on ASX are ordinary shares. Ordinary shares carry no special or preferred rights.
  • Australian Listed Property shares – A-REITs (Australian Real Estate Investments trusts) give investors access to property assets.
  • Australian Listed Investment Company shares – LICs are subsets of what ASX call Managed Investments
  • Australian Listed Debt Securities –  A debt security refers to money borrowed that must be repaid that has a fixed amount maturity date(s) and usually a specific rate of interest.
  • Australian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – ETFs are types of security that combine features of both stocks and mutual funds. Each ETF is designed to track an index and owns a number of stocks.

LVC Investment platform

  • Access to ASX listed Securities and Chi X markets
  • Stay informed with ASX news and announcements
  • Easy Account Set up Process
  • Trade anywhere using desktop or mobile phone
  • Access a wide range of investment opportunities
  • Trade effortlessly with live market data
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Digital contract notes will be sent via e-mail.


  • Brokerage rate of $18* per trade

Interactive brokers

  • Access to ASX & International markets
  • Access a wide range of Investment & Trading Opportunities
  • Trade anywhere using desktop or mobile phone
  • Portfolio building and trading tools


  • 0.08% of the trade value or $8*, whichever is greater
  • Account Maintenance Fee of $100 annually
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