Global Investing

LVC Investing Platform

Investing in international shares can help a portfolio’s risk and return prospects by offering geographical and industry diversification. LVC Investing Platform opens up a plethora of opportunities for active investors who aren’t limited to investing in a single country or area and are still on the lookout for good companies, with following products available:

  • Shares- Invest in your favourite listed shares.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds- Invest in ETFs to get broad exposure to industries, market sectors, and investment themes.
  • Listed Investment Companies- LICs are listed funds that you can buy like shares.

LVC Investing platform

  • Access to ASX listed Securities and Chi X markets
  • Stay informed with ASX news and announcements
  • Easy Account Set up Process
  • Trade anywhere using desktop or mobile phone
  • Access a wide range of investment opportunities
  • Trade effortlessly with live market data
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Digital contract notes will be sent via e-mail.


  • Brokerage rate of $18* per trade

Interactive brokers

  • Access to ASX & International markets
  • Access a wide range of Investment & Trading Opportunities
  • Trade anywhere using desktop or mobile phone
  • Portfolio building and trading tools


  • 0.08% of the trade value or $8*, whichever is greater
  • Account Maintenance Fee of $100 annually

Going Global helps you with…

Diversification of Your Funds

Laverne helps you to diversified financial portfolio offers investors options in terms of economic fluctuations. When you invest internationally, your finances have alternative sources of stability. Financially or with a little research, you have the opportunity to make sound global investments, which is always better than the “eggs in a basket” approach.

Currency Diversification Strengthens Portfolios

Laverne gives security to your portfolio in numbers rather than investing all assets in a country’s economy, as well as currency differences between countries. Compared to the US dollar, many countries around the world have stronger currencies, which helps increase the downside. The flip side of this coin is that fluctuations in currency strength can affect your portfolio just as easily as they can strengthen it.

Own Your Favourite Companies

Diversified range of shares to get an exposure of business both in developed as well as emerging markets. You can broaden your investment opportunities by investing in the world’s most profitable companies and industries that unfortunately aren’t listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Growth Opportunities

We make the process to buy global shares effortless and budget-friendly. On boarding is absolutely simple without requiring paper-based forms, purchases can be completed within a few clicks, and all data and information relating to your purchases is shown in Australian Dollars.

Benefit from growth in global brands

Investors can share in the growth of global companies and access emerging companies that may become tomorrow’s global leaders.

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