Laverne is an Intermediary to  SelfWealth to provide it’s clients with the cheapest online broking In Australia. Laverne has integrated with the cheapest investor trading platform which will provide our users with access to the SelfWealth platform and portfolio construction tools. the integration with SelfWealth will provide access to the SelfWealth trading platform, portfolio construction tools and stock research through Thomson Reuters. 

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About SelfWealth

SelfWealth Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company which offers a brand-new solution to an age-old investment problem – how to empower investors to make informed decisions without paying exorbitant brokerage fees. SelfWealth is an online community for DIY investors, partnering to achieve the common purpose of better returns. It is a brand-new solution for an age-old investment problem. SelfWealth. Trade smarter. Every time.

You Can Trade..

Ordinary shares

Most shares traded on ASX are ordinary shares. Ordinary shares carry no special or preferred rights.

Australian Listed Property shares

A-REITs (Australian Real Estate Investments trusts) give investors access to property assets.

Australian Listed Investment Company shares

LICs are subsets of what ASX call Managed Investments

Australian Listed Debt Securities

A debt security refers to money borrowed that must be repaid that has a fixed amount maturity date(s) and usually a specific rate of interest.

Australian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs are types of security which combine features of both stocks and mutual funds. Each ETF is designed to track an index and owns a number of stocks.

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Complete the online application form using Laverne Platform to set up a SelfWealth trading account. Account types include Individuals, Joint Accounts, SMSFs, Trusts and Companies.

Trading Account Approval

Account set up takes approx. two business days, assuming no additional documents are needed.

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Pay only $9.50* per trade- No Commissions- No hidden fees

Investor Forum

Any advice provided by Laverne is general in nature only and does not take into account the personal financial situation, objectives or needs of any particular person.